Published Articles
Published Articles

Published Articles

Sue Laidlaw, as Senior Partner of Laidlaw Education, is delighted to have been appointed as the Education advisor and sub-editor to Archant’s School Report and core titles. Please see a selection of recently published articles by both Sue and members of our teaching team with particular specialisms and interests.

The Numbers Game - Is the Chinese approach to mathematics a way of improving standards in the UK? One expert is not so sure

Take a Break - If exams are not on the horizon, then let your child enjoy Easter by getting creative – and learning at the same time

The Joy of Adventure - Experiencing foreign lands or getting the humble tent out closer to home, we should encourage our children’s sense of curiosity.

Summer Loving - Cassandra Rei investigates options to make the most of the school holidays

Sporting Chance - A new report suggests PE lessons are on the wane, but a love for physical activity doesn’t necessarily have to start at school

Safety first - Allowing children to fail - In a world dominated by success, why it’s just as valuable to let your child fail – and how they can learn from it

Rays of Sunshine - Is there really any substance to summer-born babies being a step behind their peers? One expert tells of her own experiences

Making the right choice - Katy Hall and Sue Laidlaw throw the spotlight on four specialist UK boarding schools

Cooking up an Education - Food is vital for life, but look past the obvious and it can aid your child’s development too. Mother of three, Sue Laidlaw, puts it to the test

Competitive Spirit - Is winning the be all and end all? Or should schools temper ambitions to be the best?

Bridging the Divide - Avoid the pitfalls in the move from state primary school to independent senior school

Breaking down barriers - How do you integrate children who speak little or no English into a school?