Educational Assessments
Educational Assessments

Educational Assessments are a useful tool for gaining a snap shot of your child’s performance and we offer a wide range depending on their needs. All the assessments take place in our Dukes Meadows venue in Chiswick and are booked via the office.

  1. General Assessment – to determine the level of work that a child has reached in Maths and English (and reasoning if appropriate). This can be useful as a snapshot of current performance
  2. Special needs Assessment - to help identify any potential areas of weakness eg short term/ visual memory, auditory processing, dyslexic tendencies etc.
  3. Dyscalculia screening which involves a computer-based series of tests.
  4. Handwriting assessment – Gwen Dornan, our Handwriting expert, offers occasional one hour assessments for children who are in need of support

If you require an Educational Psychologist Assessment for a formal diagnosis (eg of dyslexia) we can give you details of someone in the area.

For more information please contact us on 020 8487 9517 or email us.